Saturday, August 6, 2016


What happens when an economy (national or global) is based on a system that promotes psychopathic behaviors? If one doesn't believe that corporate capitalism favors psychopathy, one has not been reading headlines of late or one has a very short and selective memory.

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But there may be hope.

Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future by Paul Mason
Listen to:
The End of Capitalism a “CBC Ideas” podcast at (Time 53:56 min.)
So, indeed—how long till we finally acknowledge that:
▪  capitalism's highest rewards go to people without conscience (PWOCs)?
▪  if we keep doing what we have been doing—pursuing power and gain at the expense of each other—we will not survive?
▪  what goes around, will come around?
So for those puzzling about how a corporate tyrant like Donald Trump* could rise politically as far as he has, perhaps we need only look at the system DT has used, abused, and profited from for decades.

Perhaps our love affair with corporatism has brought us to this inevitable, political choice! and the inevitable “impending doom” (whether right or left), unless we awake to the realities of our competitive, psychopathic system.

PS: Do not assume that Socialism is the only alternative. It is equally corrupt and bankrupt. There are other options that have been explored in other posts.

* The pure face of corporate capitalism?
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