Friday, August 12, 2016


If one were a psychopath/sociopath1—i.e., a PWOC2—whose raison d’être was to pursue power and gain, what would one be predisposed to do:
▪ lie?
▪ steal?
▪ cheat?
▪ distort?
▪ falsely accuse?
▪ malign?
▪ short change?
▪ manipulate mankind and markets?
▪ create profit-generating catastrophes?
▪ foment wars?
▪ externalize costs?
▪ convert (corrupt) a good into an evil?
▪ hire shills and trolls to front for one?
▪ etc., etc., etc.
But let us consider: corrupting a good into an evil.

A recent exposé of unconscionable corruption and fraud is profiled in Vaxxed3—a documentary that everyone should watch (as Robert De Niro encourages) so we can make up our own mind as to its credibility. Despite shills, trolls, and dupes maligning this film, it is NOT anti-vaccine. It presents as anti-corruption, anti-fraud, anti-abuse, anti-tyranny, anti-PWOCs; its concern: pro-health, pro-child, pro-family, pro-transparency, pro-choice, pro-safety, pro-uncorrupted science. It is a voice crying in the profit-driven wilderness against vaccine protocols that are:
▪ untested and unproven respecting the safety of vaccine mixtures;
▪ decades past due for review and exposure of timing and effectiveness;
▪ insufficiently and corruptly assessed by oversight bodies;
▪ in critical need of open, honest discussion;
▪ in dire need of punitive accountability.
So, how long till we clue in that mega-corps and their HyPEs4 who swim in psychopathic waters (who stand to lose massive amounts of “power and gain” if truth be told) cannot be trusted in any degree?

Can we not see the déjà vu?—that vaccine “science” has become a latter-day, oppressive tyranny like unto the days of Galileo?—blindly committed to its own preservation, gain, and status quo, whatever the cost to others?

2. PWOC = a Person WithOut Conscience, which includes corporate (faux-)“persons” by so-called court decision. See also ;
3. Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe (Time: 1hr. 35 min.) at
4. HyPEs = Highly Paid Employees

ADDITIONAL VIEWS AND COMMENTARIES: As always, watch, listen, and learn with discernment.
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● Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (Time: 1:31:43) at
● FULL Vaxxed Coast to Coast AM Interview Bigtree, Wakefield & Hooker (Time 1:18:39) at
● Robert De Niro on Pulling 'Vaxxed' From Tribeca Film Festival (Time:5:01) at
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● UN VAXXED A Docu Commentary for Robert De Niro (Time 1:26:04) at

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