Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Nazi-like Narrative?

Dr. Déjà Vu
Will we wake up once
we are plucked clean?
(See image info below footnotes*)

For something labelled “Never Again” it's astounding to see its likeness rise, within one lifetime, from an alleged grave, to being as full-fleshed and psychopathic as ever. With our ubiquitous facial recognition, should our “experts” not be able to spot the resurrected felon “in an instant, suddenly” — despite the masking! Since such “experts” and their adherents seem plagued by a frontal-lobe deficiency, here are some pointers for comparison:
□ restriction of movement (papers please!1)
□ restriction of assembly (self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine, forced closure of gathering venues, jailing of churches,2 etc.)
□ snitching promoted to “unmask” disobedient, dissenting neighbors, family, strangers (phone lines open now — and overwhelmed!3 )
□ suspicion and distrust of everyone encouraged
□ mere suspicion of dissent (or contagion contact) is proof enough of guilt (or mandatory quarantine)
□ get the children onside the narrative and against their parents
□ lies and lying stats are justified in pursuit of the narrative truth
□ restriction of speech — critics of the narrative truth deserve to be censored, maligned, threatened, bullied, persecuted
□ persistently disobedient deserve to be disciplined, fined, assaulted, quarantined, prosecuted, incarcerated
□ the New Jew – the Un-v'd – are selfish enemies of the People and deserve to die4
authorities have first, middle, and last word on permitted thought and culture
□ cooperation of majority can be captured thru fear, favor, fake-facts, or moral failure
□ media persuaded / compelled to broadcast unending narrative truth and fear-propaganda
□ forced medical experiments on humans mandated for the sake of science [pscience5], safety, and salvation of the human species (meaning: gene-masters) — (plus unacknowledged, “ancillary” benefits of slave-like control and stupendous profits for the slavors)
□ etc., etc. (watch for more unfolding comparisons in this déjà vu world)
1. Just web-search “vaccine passports”
3. Web or YouTube search “snitch” and COVID”
(Or just read a few of these of hundreds possible:)
Reporting public health violations to 311 is encouraged: Calgary mayor
4. Just YouTube search “refusing to treat” and “doctors turn away” or the like as it relates to un-v'd.
5. Pscience is the corrupted offshoot of honorable Science. It is the inevitable consequence of man's obsessive pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination. Pscience is pseudo, psychopathic, propagandizing, plagiarizing, psy-opic, and above all, profit-obsessed, and profit-driven. This obsessive pursuit and protection by people without conscience is often enabled by naïve, trusting, or fear-filled acolytes and servitors. Pscience is a one-faith, one-dogma, heretic-fearing, self-deceiving, other-censoring system. The 21st Century question is: What are we now enabling or supporting? science or pscience?

*Image from 1917 AD: Repurposed and Recycled Pursuant to the Times
Page URL:
File URL:
Attribution: Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Description: "Strafed", cartoon about Germany's peace proposals during World War I
Date: 1917
Source: Cartoons Magazine vol. 11, 1917
Permission: Public Domain
Author: Daniel R. Fitzpatrick (1891–1969)

Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick (March 5, 1891 – May 18, 1969) was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and an editorial cartoonist for the St. Louis Dispatch from 1913 to 1958.[1]
Fitzpatrick was born in Superior, Wisconsin. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. From 1911 to 1912 he worked as a staff artist and cartoonist at the Chicago Daily News. Joining the St. Louis Post Dispatch in 1913, Fitzpatrick served as its editorial cartoonist until 1958.[2]
His work and actions received criticism. In 1940 the cartoonist and several other Post Dispatch staff members were cited with contempt of court because they criticized the dismissal of an extortion suit against a State Representative. Fitzpatrick received a ten-day sentence and a $100 fine.[2]

Repurposed by SMS 2022: 1) Bird speech “They Strafed Me!” replaced with “You lied to me”; 2) “Dr. Déjà Vu” added beneath lapel medals.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Follow the Ownership | Know the Control

It's past time to see, hear, and acknowledge our place as servitors and acquiescing beneficiaries to abusing powers in this time of escalating crimes against humanity — and to realize that the corporatized benefits are coming to an end. The question? Do we have the strength to abandon the monopolies and restructure against power abuse and tyranny?

A Documentary Film by Tim Gielen
Monopoly: Who Owns the World

But must we not also realize that exposure of the elites and powers is all part of an Imagined Reset more diabolical that Schwab's Great Reset? More and more exposés are coming forth in print and media and this one by Tim Gielen is an excellent one. It is vital that we know these things in order to act in truth, but is there any déjà vu here where the adversary of all Good has a subtle plan to motivate the masses to violence? — to destroy usurping, hubristic elites and powers?1 It has been done before, so what are we going to do with the critical knowledge gained from this and other sources?

More graphic exposés are undoubtedly coming as are the solutions that will be offered, and therein lies, perhaps, the greater danger. Do we choose the way of violence? or the way of orderly Justice (and Mercy where appropriate)? And if we choose the way of orderly Justice, are we going to be first seduced by the old refrain: liberté, égalité, fraternité2 wrapped up in Peace — which in the end proves to be anything but liberty, equality, fraternity, or peace? — proving another false flag?

So this is the caution: To observe, analyze, and expose the convoluted domination system is one thing; to propose a replacement system is quite another and can easily unfold as another Utopian3 dream — another version of the recycling domination system. Let us, therefore, always beware of the “better” solution, while at the same time pursuing the best.
16 ¶ Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.4
4. New Testament | Matthew 10:16
Note: a big thank you to my sibling BYS for this documentary reference.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Don't Quit! Don't Submit!

If some USians are still being threatened with the OSHA Mandate, and if they haven't heard about the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit decision1 (No. 21-60845) filed November 12, 2021, here are a few choice words about the OSHA Mandate re jabs for jobs, weekly tests, and masks:
• [The Mandate's] promulgation grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority (p. 7).

• [S]ociety’s interest in slowing the spread of COVID-19 “cannot qualify as [compelling] forever,” for “[i]f human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency” (p. 7, ftn 10).

• [T]he Mandate is a one-sizefits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly “grave danger” the Mandate purports to address (p. 8).

• Indeed, underinclusiveness of this sort [exempting employers of less than 100 employees from the Mandate] is often regarded as a telltale sign that the government’s interest in enacting a liberty-restraining pronouncement is not in fact “compelling.” ... The underinclusive nature of the Mandate implies that the Mandate’s true purpose is not to enhance workplace safety, but instead to ramp up vaccine uptake by any means necessary. (p. 15).

• [T]he Mandate flunks a cost-benefit analysis here (p. 16).

• In sum, the Mandate would far exceed current constitutional authority (p. 17).

• It is clear that a denial of the petitioners’ proposed stay would do them irreparable harm. ... For the individual petitioners, the loss of constitutional freedoms “for even minimal periods of time . . . unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury.” ... / The Mandate places an immediate and irreversible imprint on all covered employers in America, and “complying with a regulation later held invalid almost always produces the irreparable harm of nonrecoverable compliance costs” (pp. 18-19).

• Moreover, any abstract “harm” a stay might cause the Agency pales in comparison and importance to the harms the absence of a stay threatens to cause countless individuals and companies (pp. 19-20).

• The public interest is also served by maintaining our constitutional structure and maintaining the liberty of individuals to make intensely personal decisions according to their own convictions—even, or perhaps particularly, when those decisions frustrate government officials (p. 20).

• In seeking to [make health policy] here, OSHA runs afoul of the statute from which it draws its power and, likely, violates the constitutional structure that safeguards our collective liberty (p. 20).

• For these reasons, the petitioners’ motion for a stay pending review is GRANTED. Enforcement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s “COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard”22 remains STAYED pending adequate judicial review of the petitioners’ underlying motions for a permanent injunction.23
In addition, IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that OSHA take no steps to implement or enforce the Mandate until further court order (pp. 20-21, bold emphasis added.).
The decision is 22 pages long and can be read here or one can listen to a discussion here (click on "Watch on YouTube"):

Activate Humanity: 5 Circuit... Circus
(Activate Humanity | Nov 16, 2021 | Time 51:51 min. | for Court decision begin circa minute 5:30) at
See also
December 23 UPDATE: Whoops, it seems that the 6th Circuit, to the numeric delight of the powers, has stayed the STAY. So, listen then to this and activate:

Supreme Court Action
David Martin World | Dec 21, 2021 | Time 27:54 min) at
Since real Science is supposed to be about open debate and discernment, here is a narrative-believer's opinion about the 5th Circuit decision and his plea to the 6th:


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Worth 10,000 Words?

A Recycling, Mutating Déjà Vu?

This post title is not meant to discourage the reading of RFKJ's recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,1 but this cartoon from 1995 nigh perfectly summarizes his 2021 book. It depicts the mind-virus that cartoonist Joe Hoover observed in 1995 and that we are all witnessing again in this decade of the 2020s. Thus, a déjà vu resurrection (and update) from 19952:
Cartoonist - Joe Hoover | 1995
The Fauci Variant(s) | 1984 - 202? | sms-2021

However, with this graphic summary as a launch point, every soul should, indeed, read RFKJ's exposure of the history and agenda of spike-variant(s). And let us recognize that ours is not the only century that was plagued with this mutating mind-virus. The names seem to frequently change in history, but somehow the faces seem so déjà vu.

1. Kennedy Jr., Robert F. . The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition.
2. Cartoon image:
Page URL:
File URL:
Attribution: Myotus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Description: Editorial Cartoon 1995
Cartoonist: Joe Hoover (No wiki or other entry that I could find of cartoonist Joe Hoover.)
Date: 1995
Permission: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
Author: Myotus
Changes were made by SMS: left hand bottom notation was removed and Fauci-Gates column added by SMS. The licensor (Myotus) authorizes remixing, sharing, adapting, transforming, or building upon the original, but at the date of this Déjà Vu - Times posting SMS states that Myotus is not aware of this use, thus there is no claim that Myotus endorses SMS or approves of this use. Any further use with these SMS additions must be under the same license as the original work - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. See page:

Friday, December 10, 2021

Who Knew?

Aware | Supportive | Empowered

If we knew our national, provincial, state, regional, and local governments, under a variety of incorporated names, were owned and controlled by foreign, (mostly mega-corp?) shareholders, would it make a difference to our sense of trust and allegiance? Would it mean that our alleged “authorities,” and all their employees and contractees were just witting and unwitting doppelgangers1 that we had been seduced into thinking were legitimate public service electees, appointees. employees? Would it be worth finding out?

If corporations have shareholders, CEOs, employees, and assets, rather than free peoples, public servants, and geographic recognitions, what is the meaning of our vote? Is it just to choose a front wo/man for the appearance of things? If we the people are not shareholders, what are we? assets? property? naïve dupes?

Let everyone of us find out! Who owns our corporate governments? It may take some time to get confession,2 but here are several questions sent today to two Information and Public Interest departments of the "Alberta government" as I prepare to submit a Freedom of Information request. If tens-of-thousands of us do the same to our governments, they might become aware themselves of their unwitting complicity. “Who knew!” may become the nigh universal cry.

The following questions can serve as a pattern everywhere to prepare for and then make FOI requests for documented proof:
1. When and where was the province of Alberta first incorporated?

2. Is there public, online access to “Alberta government” incorporation documents, shareholder listings, and annual returns? If so, what are the various links?

3. If there is no online access, is there a repository of such documents in Alberta that the public can access?

4. Is or has there been more than one “Alberta government” incorporation using different name configurations? e.g.: Province of Alberta; PROVINCE OF ALBERTA; Government of Alberta; GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA; Alberta Government; ALBERTA GOVERNMENT; Alberta, Inc.; ALBERTA, INC; Alberta; ALBERTA; etc.?

5. What is the registered situs and date of each incorporation, if there have been several? And where can one find all historical and current corporate entities presenting as the “Alberta government” since (presumably) 1905?

6. Is there a public record of the shareholders (foreign and / or domestic) of extant corporation(s) presenting as the “Alberta government”? If so, where? and if not, why not?

7. Have any corporations presenting as the “Alberta government” (since 1905) been declared insolvent or bankrupt? or are any in the midst of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings?

8. Where can records be found that detail the Funds, Banks, or others fiscal corporations who are the top lenders to corporations presenting as the “Alberta government” and the debt amounts?

9. Will the “Alberta government” create a dataset with detailed information of the above information, both historical and current, so it is freely and publicly available online, with easily accessible, visible links on its website?
In many countries with Freedom of Information Acts, requests can be made at every level of government, even down to the town and county level. How many privately-owned corporations will we find masquerading as government? almost universally unknown to the employees who service them?

And what might awareness achieve? Opportunities for legitimate governance for one. (For offended anarchists, see here.3) For other positives? all those Pharma liability exemptions vanish; as well as all those private-corp-faux-public contracts that pillage Mother Earth; that weaponize life, space, and weather; that tax-fund expenses and privatize profits — yes all those and much more vanish, too, because fraud vitiates contract.

Let's join worldwide in exposing the doppelgäng!

1. A doppelgänger (... literally "double-goer") is a non-biologically related look-alike or double of a living person sometimes portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck. Other traditions and stories equate a doppelgänger with an evil twin. In modern times, the term twin stranger is occasionally used. ... The word "doppelgänger" is often used in a more general and neutral sense, and in slang, to describe any person who physically resembles another person. (Bold emphasis added.) Source:
2. This is my timeline, so far:
On April 23, 2021 I sent several questions to AlbertaConnects because the Open Gov't. Program directed me there. AlbertaConnects replied on May 12, 2021, 9:44 AM:
“Your email has been forwarded to the appropriate area for direct response. A representative will be in contact with you shortly.”
It is now December 10, 2021 without contact, thus today's email request (Dec. 10) of the above 9 questions was sent to two “Alberta government” departments to ascertain if documentation is already publicly available before submitting a Freedom of Information (General Access) Request.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Plague of Milgramites

This post is not intended to disparage Stanley Milgram.1 His “shocking” experiments revealed to the world how easily ordinary humans would suspend their intellect and moral base in order to follow the directives of “authority” figures. Understanding Milgram's findings is to understand, in part, how Nazi Germany happened and how, in 2021, once good and honorable people are repeating the suspension of thought and morality, and thus aiding and abetting in crimes against humanity as they repeat: “I am just following mandates (orders).” Thus, I use the term Milgramite as a reminder of what Milgram revealed about obedience and human nature. In short, the world of 2021 is suffering a plague of harm and harming by those trusting in and obeying “authority” in hierarchies of deception and mindless obedience.

As counter to this plague of Milgramites,2 there are many valiant, honorable thinkers and observers of what is really happening. Here are a few:
Drs. Paul Alexander and Mark Trozzi - The War On Our 5-11 years olds ends when CDN Mothers Stand Up!
(Vaccine Choice Canada | Time 1:20:35) at
1. Stanley Milgram:
2. (being each and every soul believing in, supporting, and furthering the COVID narrative and demanding the same of others)

Monday, November 8, 2021

#04: More Germane* Questions

For Justice Germain,1 all Albertans, Canadians, et al.
(especially those in the authoritarian hierarchies of law and medicine)

1. Do any of you believers in the COVID narrative2 have the courage3 to listen to these?
Dr. Brian Ardis warns America approaching ONE MILLION DEATHS from remdesivir and ventilator homicide (Health Ranger Report | Nov. 5, 2021 | Time 53:11 min.)

John O’Looney Interviewed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - October 1, 2021 (Signposts | Time 45:39 min.) at
2. If we are truly truth-seekers, can we suspend our fears, traditions, and learned biases in order to honestly assess credibility and motive in competing belief or “fact” states?

3. Do any of you realize that your belief in the narrative has you on this same déjà vu trajectory?
How Did Ordinary Citizens Become Murderers?
(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum | Sep 18, 2017 “ Time 1:29:21) at

CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich
(Cizik School of Nursing | Feb. 24, 2017 | Time 56:07 min.) at
*Definition of germane
- being at once relevant and appropriate : FITTING
1. • Anti-mask activists ordered by Calgary judge [Germain] to preach science, too: Christopher Scott, Artur and Dawid Pawlowski found guilty of contempt in June | Meghan Grant· CBC News · Posted: Oct 13, 2021 |
• Calgary pastor given odd court orders after flouting provincial health regulations Written by Taylor Brock Wednesday, Oct 13 2021 |
WHY DO SO MANY STILL BUY INTO THE NARRATIVE? (Dan Astin-Gregory | Sep 21, 2021 | Time 1:13:34) at
3. (and the integrity to become aware, to confess, to repent, and to pursue remedy and restitution for participating in crimes against humanity?)

Monday, November 1, 2021

Parallel Structures: A New Hope

In an August 2021 post,1 I profiled an Academy of Ideas video setting out four actions of resistance and survival for those wishing to escape the psychosis of 2021 — those wishing to counter the pscience-driven,2 menticide agenda?
1. firstly, spread information that counters the propaganda as far, and as wide, as possible;
2. “use humour and ridicule to delegitimize the ruling elite”;
3. construct “parallel structures”;.
4. “active and concerted effort by thousands to move the world back in the direction of freedom.”
The great news is that number 3 is beginning to happen already. Tune into this:
Oct 23 - A New Hope For Awake Canadians? Ezra Wellness Centres With Svetlana and Sean
(Odessa Orlewicz | 23 Oct. 2021 | Time 1:14:05) at
What a great paradigm for renewing essential services that are being increasingly denied or decimated by tyrannical mandates! It is time to break the monopolies and bureaucracies of the old power systems with local, grassroots organizations that reject the monolithic Domination System. By creating parallel, local structures based on integrity; by honoring people's freedom to privately contract for services they wish to offer or receive, the old system of domination will loose its power- and fear-base. New jobs can be created for those fired or who have resigned to protest the tyranny. What service provider, with a little ingenuity and brainstorming, cannot adapt their business to a new, life-enhancing model?

With parallel structures of integrity, we can build back better with God, instead of the psychopathic fantasy of building back better than God.

2. Pscience is based, not on facts, observations, method, experiment, and truth, but on agendas sustaining the pursuit and protection of power, gain, glory, and domination.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

#03: Germane* Questions

For Justice Germain,1 all Albertans, Canadians, et al.

IF there were ample evidence that the “novel” COVID-19 virus was not novel and that all the mandates were based on fraud, would Judge Germain (et al.) be willing, in fairness, equity, and integrity, to examine all the evidence? to honor the judicial rule of completeness2? Would he read and listen to:
4,000 Patents: Why the ‘Novel’ SARS-CoV-2 Virus Isn’t so Novel
By Dr. Joseph Mercola | 10/04/21 | or additional interview at
also :
Dr David Martin - Spike Protein Depopulation Patents Since 2002!
(Truth Sense | July 10, 2021 | Time 1:15:17) at

(HealthImpactNews | June 8th, 2021 | 1:32:35) at
*Definition of germane:
   - being at once relevant and appropriate : FITTING

1. Anti-mask activists ordered by Calgary judge to preach science, too: Christopher Scott, Artur and Dawid Pawlowski found guilty of contempt in June | Meghan Grant· CBC News · Posted: Oct 13, 2021 |
2. Rule of Completeness: To consider all relevant evidence; to refuse to suppress or censor unpleasant evidence and facts. See Gowdy, Trey. Doesn't Hurt to Ask (p. 101-105). The Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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