Thursday, November 24, 2016

Offering Up the Children*?

Once again, we are confronted with information1 that most will refuse to investigate, if history is any measure. How long before we actually open our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to end the abominations? How many more Gacys,2 Saviles,3 Sanduskys,4 Epsteins,5 Franklin Cover-ups,6 etc., etc., etc., do we insist on tolerating / ignoring / denying before we finally shout “ENOUGH!” and aggressively pursue the concentric web of abusers and killers as far in and out of the web as necessary to wipe this curse out of the land? Most of these pedophile psychopaths are not lone-wolfers. They run in secretive clubs of suppliers and suppliees; blackmailers and blackmailees composed in diabolic measure of politicians, moguls, and power-brokers of every stripe, even to the highest levels in déjà vu of other times and places.7

So if we think this latest beginning exposé of the criminal left means we don't need to look to the criminal right, then maybe in coming days we will be disabused of that naiveté when “right” secrets begin to filter and re-filter down the airwaves, too. LET NOT this so-called Pizzagate take its place beside the forgotten Franklin Cover-up, but let us finally acknowledge that the criminal corpus of the beast is one, even if the head manifests as two—left and right.

And as the latest guns (labelled “fake news”) are being rushed out to justify censoring damning exposés of the “high and mighty,”8 we may not have much more time for investigative, informative speech! What manufactured crisis, false flag, or orchestrated war will soon descend upon the world in order to bury in fear and chaos this pedo-gate, global horror? Yes, global because every nation has become complicit. So what choice do these psychopaths have in order to protect their positions of power and gain? Our choice as citizens is to repent of our own sins and then to stand united together against every corruption; and under no circumstance to let these pedo-horrors continue or be hidden again.

SO, even if our speech and freedoms are denied, LET US, like Old Testament Daniel, raise our voices in constant, urgent prayer, pleading that every soul (whether to the left or to the right) that is engaged in these evils will be brought to confession and repentance, and if not, to full exposure and accountability:
For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. (New Testament | Mark 4:22)

Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. (New Testament | Luke 12:3)
* Offering Up the Children is the title of a poem written by this blogger in 1987 and first posted online in June 2010 at

1. Watch and decide: (9:31 min.); (9:08 min.); (10:23 min.); (1.46.06 min.); (12:21 min.); and if these sites become banned (as “fake news”) despite thorough citizen investigation, search in other places for unfolding information. There are a growing number of sites though some have already been banned as power-brokers attempt to crush the wave that is flooding their way.
See also: “The Child Abuse Cover Up: A Police Whistleblower Speaks...” (Time: 1:01:36) [Alleging conspiracy at the highest levels to protect those who are abusing children] at ; Hampstead Case is VALIDATED: London Coven Convicted in Wales (Time: 58:59) at
See also ;
6. (author of a book about the Franklin Coverup) ; Conspiracy Of Silence: Banned Discovery Channel Documentary (Time 2:43:14) at (Note: if this documentary goes dark as many exposé documentaries do, just do a search of “Franklin Coverup.”)
8. For example, see how rapidly a “serious” journalistic paper can “investigate” an allegation of crime and declare it to be false without presenting any evidence of falseness: br />  And notice the influential Washington, D.C. ranking of the pizza owner!!! as stated in the article. (“Mr. Alefantis mingles with other Washington chefs and his establishment helped him to be named No. 49 in GQ magazine’s 50 most powerful people [!!!] in Washington in 2012.”) So where and how do some people get and keep such disproportionate power? Could this British interview give us some clues to investigate: “The Child Abuse Cover Up: A Police Whistleblower Speaks...” (Time: 1:01:36) [alleging conspiracy at the highest levels to protect those who are abusing children] at ?

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