Saturday, July 16, 2016

Area 25?

If you
▪ don’t know about “Area 25”;1

▪ are one (or know a loved one) who can’t “snap out” of melancholy or depression;

▪ are seeking greater understanding of mental illness and mental health;
these broadcasts  from “Ideas with Paul Kennedy” might prove enlightening and life-saving.
Wit's End, Part 1 (54 min.) at

Wit's End, Part 2 (54 min.) at

Note added October 28, 2016: Perhaps an “area” to consider more than the physical Area 25 is the spiritual area (arena) explored in a recent post, titled “We are Legion???” at

1. “Area 25” is dealt with beginning circa minute 44:46 of Wit’s End, Part 2.

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