Monday, April 2, 2018

Visual Intelligence?

(Processing what we see?)
We need to believe what we see even when it means we might have to think the unthinkable and say the unspeakable. We cannot ignore warning signs because they seem to portend the impossible. ... We can't gloss over facts that we find distasteful, distressing, or disturbing because the unimaginable happens every day.1

Are we prepared yet to apply VISUAL INTELLIGENCE to the
▪ cannibal-cake fêtes of Hollywood?
▪ “art” of the Podestas?
▪ “pizza-laden” emails?
▪ Uranium One dox and documentations?
▪ # of dying journalists, witnesses, et al. on the eve of trials, interviews, exposés?
▪ Clinton Global Foundation (et al.) filings and fabrications?
▪ Trump tweets, twists, turns, and turnovers?
▪ T-shirt v. testimony of Andy McCabe?
▪ recycling crisis actors?
▪ scripted “lone-wolf”/patsy déjà vus?
severely-wounded “traumites” dispassionately gesturing on MSM?
▪ etc., etc., etc.
(If you don't recognize some of the above references, google, youtube, or wiki them or read some past Déjà Vu posts.)
Here is a visual exercise. What do you see in this linked presentation which was almost immediately removed from YouTube for allegedly violating their policy against bullying and harassment? Does your view differ from what Dammegard sees? from what YouTube saw? Are there warning signs portending the impossible? exposing the unthinkable? (Time 1:51:49)
Is it time to sharpen our perceptions? to help change the world? Perhaps we can begin by reading Herman's book: Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life. It is well worth the read.

Let us, at last, begin to acknowledge what we see (including about YouTube); then follow the clues of what we know, to the facts of what we don't know and what we need to know.

1. Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life by Amy E. Herman, p. 220-221

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What is Your SICO* Score?

▪ *Social (Intel) Credit Offender

▪ *SICO may be pronounced in rhyme with FICO,1 or, if one prefers, in rhyme with sick — both pronunciations being in memoriam to those who devised the idea of a social credit score!
Undoubtedly, every one of us already has a SICO score (or maybe several, depending on the politics and algorithms of the score compiler), though it is unlikely we will ever have the right to a free annual report, or even an acknowledgement that such scores exist. China is not so reticent.

China Banning People From Transit for Bad "Social Credit" Scores (corbettreport: Time 7:20 min.) at

Unlike China, European and American democracies prefer to keep their SICO score-sheets under the radar. Although most social-(intel)-credit-offenders soon come to know they have been targeted for reprisal / harassment,2 it has taken many years for targeting to come into public awareness because democracies and republics like to
»   keep-up-appearances by harassing in secret;
»   use MSM monopolies to keep Orwellian prescience as unreported as possible;
»   mock, malign, mislabel, misreport, and outright lie if word inadvertently leaks out about targeting;
»   sometimes falsely create “offenders” to deflect honest investigation from things as they really are;
»   individualize instead of socialize the agenda of defamation and destruction as much as possible because isolated targets generally have less enduring power than groups and more difficulty accessing public platforms;
»   etc., etc.
So what do you think? is your score high or low? With all the data vacuuming that has been underway for decades, the full measure of our wakefulness, biases, passions, persuasions, apathies, likes, dislikes, fears, finances, friends, associates, sins, crimes, misdemeanours, omissions, commissions, lapses, influence, integrity, strengths, weaknesses, etc., etc. are pretty much a keystroke away from powerful private, public, national, and global entities.

In compiling scores, the prime question is likely: Has this person offended or will they likely offend power and gain agendas? That pretty much describes the entire sum of power-plays in world history. Every tyrant or cabal of tyrants who ever lived could only dream of the power and gain that modern technology has put into the hands of SICO tabulators.

In North America, we may not yet be forced from trains, buses, planes, or roadways because of SICO scores, but more and more free-thinkers, and -speakers are finding:
▪ how easy it is to offend the social matrix of Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and similar media quasi-monopolies; as well as, airport, border, and government officials3;
▪ how time-consuming and costly it can be to appeal their bans, strikes, accusations, entry-denials, detentions, and deportations;
▪ how chilling it is to future speech, criticism, and accountability;
▪ how surreal, yet utterly real, it has all become.
Let us wake-up and object with every fibre, meme, and faculty.
Stop the SICO indexing!
For info on the treatment of targeted individuals read / search the testimonies of Sharyl Attkisson, Robyn Gritz, George Webb, Sibel Edmonds, et al. al. al. and review YouTube videos of gangstalking and organized stalking.
3. Recent examples: Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, Lauren Southern detained and deported from the UK.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Willing to See?

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth visualized (TED Talk ~ Time 10:02 min.) at
Will our descendants, in some future year, look back on the 21st Century with incredulity? that so many scientists, researchers, and citizens could so persistently reject intelligent design? that this age was not so much an age of darkness, but of willful blindness? an age of psychopathic destruction of potentials beyond imagination?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Things As They Really Are??

(Faux-socialists? Faux-polarity? Part Two)
Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production, as well as the political theories and movements associated with them. Social ownership may refer to forms of public, collective or cooperative ownership, or to citizen ownership of equity. There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them, though social ownership is the common element shared by its various forms.
[Source: (accessed February 4, 2018; footnotes not included; bold emphasis added)]
So, if social ownership is the common element in socialism, why is it so rare, almost non-existent, in so-called socialist countries?

What if it's all a fraud, a facade for “elites” to hide behind as they maneuver assets into smaller and smaller concentrations of their ownership and control?1 Where was there ever “social ownership and democratic control of the means of production” amongst so-called socialists? When has promised equity ever flowed to the people?

Why can we not see that the majority of gains from labor, capital, and property, for the entire duration of history, in every nation, kindred, tongue, and people of every stripe and system, has always2 flowed upward into private fiefdoms of those who, without conscience, pursue (and protect) increasing levels of power and gain?

Is this not the unvarying way of the sociopath / psychopath; the way of the Korihor-type?3 How long till we acknowledge that all the high-sounding phrases and pretend compassion of elite-socialists is all a game of hide and seek—hide true motives and machinations, all the while seeking the goodwill, support, and assets of those they dupe?

Do we ever ask ourselves why all the elite-socialists are rolling-in-dough? Do they assuage their guilt (if they can muster any) with programs that pretend to “equitize” other people's money? Or is the seeming redistribution all for the sake of appearance, taking credit for the generosity or sacrifice of others? Look at all the elite-socialists. What if they are all just corrupted capitalists in disguise? Name anyone of them. And what if the elite-capitalists are all just (wannabe) oli-garchs, -gopolists, monopolists hiding behind facades of “free-enterprise,” “free-markets,” “competition,” etc. Name anyone of them.

As to the propagandists of “World Order”! not one of them has the remotest intention of establishing social, collective, cooperative, OR free-enterprise ownership. The New World Order is the ultimate left- / right-wing tyranny—the utopia of tyrannies—where the elites (those who survive the oligarchic bloodbath to establish top-dog dominion) will own everything and control everything, issuing order upon order to robots and to semi-robotic, disposable “humans.”

Why must we keep repeating these déjà vus? Certainly, there are many good people in this world, but the number of sociopaths and manufactured sociopaths,4 on both the right and the left, is increasing to the tinder-point. And when good people refuse to see—to recognize—the unconscionable, mendacious ways of sociopathic elites (and their willing lackeys), AND the déjà vus (that even initially good governments have always been taken over, in short order, by those obsessed with power and gain agendas), they will become unwitting, deceived accomplices to a tyranny that will destroy all the good they ever thought to do or preserve.

Let us wake up to the deceptions that surround us 360 degrees. Re-read Orwell's 1984. It's unfolding before our eyes.

1. [in similitude of the capitalists]
2. Except perhaps for 1) the City of Enoch, and 2) during the reign of Melchizedek: both Biblical prophets. Perhaps for that reason, most of their history has been expunged.
3. Book of Mormon | Alma 30:17 ~ [Philosophy of Korihor, circa 74 B.C., Americas] “... every man fared in this life according to the management of the creature; therefore every man prospered according to his genius, and that every man conquered according to his strength; and whatsoever a man did was no crime.”
4. A manufactured sociopath is one who lies, cheats, steals, harasses, targets, tortures, abuses, kills, or does anything against his conscience at the behest of another because of fear, coercion, promised reward or favor, and so forth.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Faux-Socialists? Faux-Polarity?

Past time to wake up, folks! Do we really think that the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosis, Reids, Bidens, McCabes, et al. al. al. have the first notion what socialism is? They are first and foremost pawns (and future fall-guys) in an oligarchic game being played by their ghostly superiors / supervisors. These dupers / dupees have sold their souls for transitory sceptres, off-shore mega-riches, and rampant hedonism—the very same things that the power and gain “rightists” have always pursued (as in Bushes, McCains, McConnells, Comeys, Muellers, Rosensteins, et al. al. al.).

The so-called leftists have not the remotest intention of establishing “socialism.” It's all a facade to cover the One-World focus of a MEconomy where elites, left AND right, serve the agendas of their grasping masters till all (even their surprised selves, and that includes Mr. K.) become robotic slaves to a master oligarchy.

So why do we keep obsessing over left and right? keep dividing ourselves in service to a faux polarity? keep believing that Trump is a divinely sanctioned trump-card against those _____ socialists? Yes, Trump is somewhat unique in the presidency. His self-service is child-like egoic. He seems trapped in some level of pre-operational1 unawareness. If he contradicts himself, he seems to genuinely think the past ceases to exist. If he denies his lies, he seems to genuinely think our cognitive abilities cease to exist. Most of his opposing elites know they are in service to a “higher” power-monger and acquiesce for the sake of their perks (though sometimes from fear) which they fantasize will last forever. But Trump? he doesn't seem to know there is anything higher than himself. He orders and ordains in the most general of terms (“buy, sell, get me off the hook, make money, make a deal,” etc., etc.) and his paid servants carry out the specifics they were trained and hired for; then Trump takes credit for the work, results, and ideas (unless the result is less than satisfactory).

If we have the integrity to review “conservative” Trump's demeanour, speeches,2 tweets, history, grandiosity, mendacity, etc., etc. in a full 360 degrees, do we not see the face of Ayn Rand where service to self superseded service to anything broader? On the other hand, the faux-socialists liberally serve themselves on the way to a WO (World Order) that they seem to view as greater than any one person. BUT whether Trump-style or WO-style, the agenda is the SAME: power and gain.

So to all those who think Trump is divinely appointed; they may be right in some measure! At least the entrenched, secretive, criminal cabal of the faux-left did not prevail to perpetuate their cover-up of murder and mayhem from a presidential throne (though they are still trying in every possible way). As to Trump? his childish, egoic ways — spending his tenure self-serving as opposed to also WO-assisting — may leave some wiggle room for a few white-hats to be able to work a little justice, accountability, and restoration into corrupted governance. All the while Trump devotees will “seeing him, see not; and hearing him, hear not” the all-to-visible selfie character of the man.

So, get a grip folks. Trump is no savior; nor team-player (whether the team be good or bad). His self-focus / self-distraction / self-delusion just opens the door enough (we should pray) for a few good people to do something good while he is tweeting, TVing, and travelling.

But those who think Trump is knowingly presiding over a draining-of-the-swamp do not appreciate the nature of his self-delusion, or the full-spectrum extent of our global swamp, or the way power and wealth (or the perception of power and wealth3) corrupts. And those who think that the departure of McCabe or even 100 like him will drain this swamp are in for a rude surprise. Pulling the plug on McCabe or even 500 other power-pluggers will only drain a few compartmentalized fetid shafts. The global master(s) will re-plug all the drains with new, expendable pluggers. The global agenda is too far established for entrenched, hidden power to relinquish with an exposure or two, or even a thousand. The great deception will increase in sophistication, violence, and coercion. More faux-saviors will appear and we shall be suckered again and again if we refuse to see what we see and hear what we hear in full 360; and above all, if we do not persist with courage to expose and counter at every turn the sewage that sustains the agendas of the secretive oligarchy in their never-ending pursuit of power and gain.

1. Remember Piaget?
2. (his extemporaneous speeches, not the carefully crafted speeches of writers who have been tutored in the skills of propaganda and myth-making / -preserving; and then delivered methodically, without passion, with the essential aid of a teleprompter)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

United We Stand?

If we don't know what we're up against, how will we ever take effective action?

Best of the Solari Report: The 2017 Wrap Ups (Time 1:29:19) at

     “The earth is not dying. It's being killed.
               And the people killing it
             have names and addresses.”
                               ~  Utah Phillips ~
                                        (at min. 46:40)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

“Alien” Agenda?

Considering the
▪ missing Pentagon trillions;1
▪ gov't. / corporate obsession with secrecy;
▪ admission of a “black budget”;2
▪ proliferation of UFO witnesses;
▪ Reagan's reference to the usefulness of a common enemy (as in “alien”) to unite humanity;3
▪ many “alien” movies over the years;4
▪ repeated use of false flags and propaganda to manipulate humanity for purposes of pursuing (and protecting) power and gain agendas by persons without conscience;5
▪ etc. etc.
perhaps we could still learn a thing or two by listening to two credible witnesses concerning “alien”(?!) agendas:

UFO's for 21st Century Minds | Richard Dolan & Catherine Austin Fitts
(Time 1:44:23) at
3. Short clip of Reagan's ALIEN speech to UN:
5. For examples see: ; ; also ;

Monday, November 27, 2017

Should we be concerned about cryptocurrencies?

[ krip-toh]
1. a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief.
2. secret or hidden; not publicly admitted: a crypto Nazi.

Derivative? of crypt?
1. a subterranean chamber or vault, especially one beneath the main floor of a church, used as a burial place, a location for secret meetings, etc.
2. Anatomy. a slender pit or recess; a small glandular cavity.

BREAKING DOWN 'Cryptocurrency'1
The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions makes them well-suited for a host of nefarious activities, such as money laundering and tax evasion.
Hmmm ...... Looks like we might be in the midst of another run-up to a BUBBLE bath. Perhaps we need a history refresher? In March of 2011, I wrote a blog post entitled “Vast Fund of Stupidity [& Recycling Cupidity]”?![2] It began thus:
In memory of the birth of the South Sea Company[3] (in 1711 – 300 years ago), Deja Vu Times recycles a few comments/quotes from the “bubble-bath” of 1720. These words from the 1700s are also recycled in memory of the many bubble-baths[4] since and in expectation of The Great Bath (TGB) to come (sooner than later), if we don’t renounce this Vast Fund (and all its fundamentalists).

[See also:]
Are we in a grandiose run-up to The Great Bubble Bath? Investopedia assures us that cryptocurrencies “are difficult to counterfeit” and “theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.” Do the words “difficult” and “theoretically immune” offer sufficient comfort? Isn't the major overwhelming economic problem NOT that governments interfere and manipulate, but that private central banks continually puppeteer governments and economies on a global scale? And who really believes that the secret creators of cryptocurrencies have not engineered backdoors to monitor and control whatever they wish. Are we being bambozzled? Is what they promise the opposite of what is or will be? déjà vu the perpetual schemes of all those who pursue and protect power and gain?!

What do we understand about cryptocurrencies and their connections to AI? Could any of these videos help?
Quinn Michaels:

Crypto Conspiracy and the Road to the AI Singularity (Time 1:05:35) at See also:
▪ King of BlockChain Peter Thiel #bitcoin #Ripple #Etherium #Aragon #Augur (Time 6:11) at
▪ Kings of Blockchain Peter Thiel and Marc Andreesen #bitcoin #zcoin #earn #coinbase #slack #qadium (Time 14:13) at
▪ Sophia and The United Nations Peter Thiel and Friends - #Jess #Tyler #Louise (Time 19:30 at
▪ SingularityNet and The Beast a Strange connection (Time 2:02) at

Other warning voices:
▪ Saudi, Bitcoin & The Sophia Singularity w/Anthony Patch (Time 1:43:51) at
▪ Blockchain Raising The I.Q. Of A.I. w/Anthony Patch (Time 1:43:50) at
Plus dozens of other warning voices. So, should we be concerned about cryptocurrencies? Should we have been concerned years ago? You decide.

1. ;
3. South Sea Company:
4. Bubble-baths:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hypocrisy of YouKnowWhoTube?

Before I could even post, recommending this shocking exposé of hypocrisy and marketing of children, the End Times News Report video was DELETED by the lords of increasing censorship. (Oh, déjà vu!!) Here is evidence:

EXPOSED! Dangerous Pedophile Rings & Child Traffickers On YouTube (Time 51:28) at
WARNING: Disturbing, graphic content exposing a reality that we ignore at our and others peril.
Here is where ETNR explains the take-down of his exposé:

#PizzaGate - YouTube Gags Journalists Trying to Expose YT Pedophile Rings (Time 8:00)
This explanation may also disappear in short order. If so, search his channel periodically for updates or try his channel for the exposé of adults-without-conscience who are sexualizing, filming, and uploading images of children (or of cartoon characters loved by children) for the (im)pure sake of ad revenues. ETNR's exposé should go VIRAL with a blowback to YouKnowWhoTube that will never be forgotten. Here is the ETNR initial exposé posted (hopefully) beyond the clutches of the lords of censorship.
How Pedophile Rings Target Children On YouTube (Time 51:07) at
WARNING: Disturbing, graphic content exposing a reality that we ignore at our and others peril.
May it shock and disturb you into an awakening to what is really going on, into a commitment of united action against the marketing and abuse of children worldwide, and against the blatant hypocrisy of quasi-monopolistic corps who are prepared to do and sacrifice anything in pursuit and protection of power and gain.

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